16-23 April 2007

This one is called ‘Still Life with Bricks’.

Still Life with Bricks

Here is the weekly album. It was a good week for seagulls. Spring has sprung.

April 16-23

missed snapshots

  1. Row of cherry trees in the windy, petals falling like snow. (No camera.  Typical!)
  2. Sitting on a bench on the prom, suddenly two hands come up over the wall, just fingers clinging to the edge of the pavement, then disappear.  Look over the edge…someone rockclimbing.
  3. Taking photos of stairs, steps, and slopes for ‘up then down’ photo study.  At the top, stopped and had lunch, chatted with a couple of people juggling.  Didn’t snap the balls … but they were going up then down.
  4. Walking the prom in the sun, several stacks of smooth stones on the edge of the wall.  (No camera. Typical!)
  5. Of course there was no camera when I saw the pair of rabbits on campus. Hopped off a few yards to a safe distance then stopped with their backs to me, the way cats show respect by looking away.

Do you like these?  If so, more later.

Article on Web 2.0

This is quite a good overview of what is happening now with Web 2.0, with links to some useful tools such as Clipmark.
clipped from news.bbc.co.uk

Web 2.0 wave starts to take hold

Ian Hardy
By Ian Hardy
North America technology correspondent

Whether you use your computer for work or fun, the programs you use
generally have one thing in common – they are stored on your PC. Increasingly
though, that software is moving online.

Google Labs logo
Google has made a variety of programs available

The move to put more and more of those familiar programs on to the web has
been happening for a while but its latest incarnation has won the name of Web

What is it – the definition is imprecise at best, but it loosely describes a
category of websites that are known for interactivity, collaboration and

  powered by clipmarks blog it

Benchmarking links

We are participating in the HEA E-learning Benchmarking Exercise, phase 2. This is a national programme organised by the Higher Education Academic (HEA) to evaluate the level of uptake for e-learning across the UK. We are using eMM, the e-Learning Maturity Model developed by Stephen Marshall. Here are links to relevant pages.

General bookmarks

Documents – definitive versions (to be finalised later)

  • eMM Workbook
  • other

Benchmarking blogs – other institutions

Technology toolbox

Just to alert you that I’ve set up a new page called Technology toolbox.  I will collect links to various tools, news services, and resources that I am either currently using or plan to investigate.  I’ll be adding to it on a regular basis.

The idea is to have one place where I can put references to these types of things as I find them, and any useful commentary. 

I imagine that I will split the page to make it more managable.  For now, though, I really need to get out into the sunshine and stop by the farmer’s market while they still have good stuff.

So if you are reading this over the weekend, have a nice weekend!



Interesting Web 2.0 things to check out

I’m scanning through articles looking for interesting things, and here are some Web 2.0 things you might want to check out:

I found these on BBC News, Click, Web 2.0 wave starts to take hold By Ian Hardy 20 April 2007.  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/6574839.stm

By the way, here’s the link to Click, BBC News technology programme.

Study Skills links

Here are some of my favourite sites to share with students interested in writing skills: