missed snapshots

  1. Row of cherry trees in the windy, petals falling like snow. (No camera.  Typical!)
  2. Sitting on a bench on the prom, suddenly two hands come up over the wall, just fingers clinging to the edge of the pavement, then disappear.  Look over the edge…someone rockclimbing.
  3. Taking photos of stairs, steps, and slopes for ‘up then down’ photo study.  At the top, stopped and had lunch, chatted with a couple of people juggling.  Didn’t snap the balls … but they were going up then down.
  4. Walking the prom in the sun, several stacks of smooth stones on the edge of the wall.  (No camera. Typical!)
  5. Of course there was no camera when I saw the pair of rabbits on campus. Hopped off a few yards to a safe distance then stopped with their backs to me, the way cats show respect by looking away.

Do you like these?  If so, more later.


2 thoughts on “missed snapshots

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