JISC Webinar on Web 2.0

I just finished a week of lunchtime ‘webinars’ – interactive video presentations with synchronous text chat, voice chat, asynchronous discussions boards, and multiple concurrent videocasts sponsored by JISC. (for those not familiar with JISC http://www.jisc.ac.uk/ it is a UK national organisation – the Joint Information Systems Committee – supporting ‘education and research by promoting innovation in new technologies and by the central support of ICT services’. )  

They used Instant Presenter for the Webinar, which worked extremely well for the sessions I attended live, Moodle for the discussion boards, and eventually SlideShare to make all the PowerPoints available to the public.

My impressions are of a community of innovators keen to support and encourage experimentation within sound pedagogical principles. One of the great benefits for me was to gain a greater understanding of what other institutions in the UK are doing, and how, what problems they may have encountered, and how they conceptualise the issues and challenges. I felt it was tremendously valuable.

Here are some links to material about the webinar:

Here is a clipmark from the blog showing you how to access the discussion boards on Moodle:

clipped from www.rodspace.co.uk
If you want to look at the Moodle for asynchronous discussion, slides and audio
recordings of presentations and Q&As at moodle.cs.man.ac.uk/web2 – you can
self-register or use the guest login, (self) registration is required for
contribution to the discussion.

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