May Benchmarking meetings

This month has been very busy with the e-learning benchmarking exercise.  We had a two-day meeting in Bristol two weeks ago, and are in ous Milton Keynes at the moment for the methodology training workshop.  We had a tour of the Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University this morning, followed by an all-day hands on workshop.  Basically, we looked at processes within a university and evaluated evidence (such as policy documents, module outlines etc) to determine how adequate the processes are.  We evaluate each process along five dimensions to generate a ‘carpet’ or matrix showing a pattern of adequacy for each of 35 processes across the five dimensions.  The processes we are examining are those that facilitate the embedding of elearning in the university.

The ultimate goal is institutional change. 

That is about where we are at the moment.  One more day and then back home, then to implement the methodology.


One thought on “May Benchmarking meetings

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