what I’m listening to now – playlist

Right now playing Shakti ‘What need have I for this…’ which is John McLaughlin from the 70’s in his Indian raga mode.  These cuts are really nice, especially with the violin played off against the guitar and tabla.  Although it is a different era, works well with the chillout stuff.

Other favourite recently is Bonobo’s album ‘Animal Magic’ which I still haven’t been able to acquire but which has several cuts on the playlist.  They often play this album at the Orangery, which is where I first heard it.  Very nice, especially while working or something.  I’m often listening with the headphones at the office these days. Fila Brazillia is also sounding good in the electronica vein.

Added the only track available on last.fm from Victor Wooten, almost had the chance to see him in Towson MD but it didn’t work out.  Nevermind.  Having seen the Flecktones on a number of occasions, it would have been nice.  Check out his track on last.fm ‘Liz and Opie’ it is good. Percussive bass.

Nothing else is in particular high rotation at the moment.  Sometimes dipping into the bebop still.  I like the way most of the jazz usually fits in with most of the electronica and other stuff on the playlist, which is always evolving. 


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