Dan Barbiero

Dan has played a few more interesting gigs, including the Takoma Park Jazz Festival and a gig at ArtOMatic (photo).  Please see Dan Barbiero’s MySpace page for some very cool improvisational music. He plays double bass, sometimes as ‘prepared bass’ where the sound is altered by the addition of other implements. More information can be found on his webpage.  Watch for Dan to perform in the Washington DC area.

Here is a blurb from Dan about his gig in College Park (sorry I didn’t get this up prior to the gig…life got in the way, but I don’t know how many local people would see it anyway): 

Nine Strings–Gary Rouzer on Steinberger bass cello and Daniel Barbiero on double bass—will present a live improvisation at the College Perk coffeehouse on Sunday evening June 29.  Our sets will alternate with sets by artrock duo CliffArt and will feature a mixture of duo and solo improvisations in an electro-acoustic atmosphere.  We start at 8:13–hope you’ll be able to come by to listen. 


 Photo is Dan at ArtOMatic.

Dan playing at ArtOMatic


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