conceptual art scrapbook revised/expanded

If you are following the process of the Conceptual Art Scrapbook, you may want to see what changes have taken place recently. I’ve just added several new pieces and expanded others. I’m trying to keep the original ideas in there and some reflective notes, because the scrapbook may or may not be the finished product but it is a documentation of the process of creating it.

I’m starting to share some of this with people, and interesting questions and dialogues have emerged. I’m documenting them in side notes on the process. This reflects my thinking about my thinking about the art, in response to a question or comment. I do welcome any reactions.  If you share with me, please do keep in mind that I haven’t put any poetry or other creative work into the public realm for 20 years and this is a bit scary. I do want to take the risk and let it be seen because the dialogue is valuable, so please be honest but gentle.

If someone suggests or inspires a possible enhancement that I decide to include, I am trying to acknowledge their contribution.

It is important to be seen. Thanks for your attention.


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