new additions to Journals of Rrose Sélavy

Lots and lots of ideas over these few weeks.  Just put up two new pieces, and more to come.

  • Bio-factoids is an extended list of facts about Rrose’s life. It turns itself into a long poem and formed the basis  of the stories told in the Freaks and Geeks performance of Stuffed Bird.
  • Haunted Hatchback is a rather unusual piece in that this entry in Rrose’s journal takes the form of text. It describes a painting that emerged as a vision in response to a piece of music.

performances from Extracts from the Journals of Rrose Sélavy

In the past two weeks, there have been live performances of two pieces from the series, Extracts from the Journals of Rrose Sélavy. They are:

Many thanks to those who contributed to these performances, who supported me in making and inhabiting them, and who attended. I hope that you enjoyed them.