Rrose Sélavy activity

New and revised pages in the ongoing project of Extracts from the Journals of Rrose Sélavy, surrealist artist.

  1. Dream Dressing Table – textiles from the subconscious expanded 6 January 2009
  2. Palimpsest Stories – surrealist game revised 6 January 2009
  3. Synesthesia – surrealist game created 2 January 2009
  4. Biographical Factoids about Rrose Sélavy – created 26 December 2008
  5. Haunted Hatchback – created 10 December 2008, revised 25 December 2008

There has been a lot of activity over the past few weeks. Giving the unconscious space and time to place its productions has worked…a whole series of potential or real visual artifacts have been generated, and I spent quite a bit of time playing around with art supplies of various types to implement a few of them. More are planned for the animation and multimedia courses this winter.

Some way to play surrealist games with a collection of creative people is also being imagined. I’ve re-acquired the book of Surrealist Games, which I once owned in California.

The fictional persona, Rrose Sélavy, has long been a surrealist. I rather seem to be a practitioner, as well.


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