arts update end of Feb

Quick notes on cool things to check out if possible:

1.  The Studio opening on 27 Feb at 7pm

::the studio:: opens in February with’.i f – i  h a d  a  h i – f i.’ an exhibition of works from local artist ‘this’. multimedia artist ‘this’ aims to capture and explore elements of visual perception; the voyeur is invited to define their own interpretation of the works, giving them a unique glance in to the world of ‘this’.

2. Ralph Colmar’s videos – he has been artist in residence at Aberystwyth Uni for the past three months, and showed his animation The Immortal Hour last Saturday – fantastic! – so check out his other YouTube videos.

3. And of course, Showroom on 26 Feb at the Cwps. No, I’m not performing.  But Showroom is never to be missed!

Surrealist and Conceptual Art activity Jan-Feb

Hi there!  Lots of activity on the site and off for the past month.

The symposium on performance and philosphy provided much food for thought. It was held at the National Library of Wales, featured an array of international and local speakers, and was sponsored by PSi Performance & Philosophy Working Group, Supported by the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies’ Centre for Theatre, Performance and Philosophy.  Fantastic!  I hope that Lone Twin will return to Aber and put on a performance, as it was a bit of a teaser just to hear them talking about it.

Lots of activity on the Surrealist Games section, including a synthesis of Da Vinci and Ernst plus circus skills – see the conceptual piece Decalcomania Writ Large (could probably not be implemented in its current form, but there are some other options).

In/Out of the Box videos from the 27 November 2008 Showroom performance have been mounted, thanks to thispace.

A few more ideas in the real notebooks … if the Synesthesia activity works well, there is scope for doing a 4-way synesthesia performance with improvision in word / dance / music / image.  But I need to take it one step at a time, see if it works in a smaller, less formal context.

I’ve been doing some painting of more postcards from the bottom of the ocean, but they haven’t been photographed for the web yet.  Maybe this weekend.

Gutted that the animation workshop session on Monday this week was cancelled due to snow.  I was ready to construct the ineedart piece using live roses to be  Rrose’s signature piece.  Hopefully next week.

Blubyrd was brilliant last night at Open Platform at the Arts Centre.

Showroom was brilliant last week as usual, just getting better and better. Just one of many high points was Ralph Colmar‘s video of Bristol, based on something like a poetry version of exquisite corpse.  He’s one of the artists in residence at the Aberystwtyh Arts Centre.

And…please do go to the Studio for their opening 27 February 2009 at 19:00. See websites for thispace and ::the studio:: for more info.