Virgil and the Accelerators Blues Band

Virgil and the Accelerators now has a new line-up.  I just came from Rummers, where they played a fantastic gig.  Virgil is amazing with his lightning-fast fingers.  The playlist is mostly new material compared to the old line-up, and they even played a song that they’d just written today.

Go see them!

Welcome – Virgil and the Accelerators Blues Band.


ineedart update

Thanks to Andy McPherson’s animation workshop, I’ve had another go at the signature piece for Rrose Sélavy involving reconstruction of roses.  This was my first proper go at animation.  We used Toki Line Test.

Here is the current version, without sound signature piece (on, Flash format).

The next step is to get a soundtrack.

Having had the experience of making this, I am tempted to plan a more proper go using a camcorder and better software, perhaps?  Ooooh….I’d like proper DVD quality.  Or maybe that is just because I like things to remain ‘in progress’.



notes for a possible poem, created 2 April 2009, updated 14 April

I close my eyes


field of vision darkens

squeezed into a slit.

I open again


to blood beading on eyelashes

no wound

it’s only a gash of tulips

in the sun


it stings

Process notes: Not sure if this is a ‘poem’ or not. The image below was taken with my phone camera, the poor quality of which I perversely like.  I include it here as documentation. Words as poem will stand without the photo, of course.


phone camera image of Cathay’s Park