back to surrealist roots

I love this quote from “Forecast is Hot” edited by Franklin Rosemont, Penelope Rosemont, and Paul Garon, Black Swan Press, 1997 (no offense meant to any Marxists out there, the Rosemonts put it in double quotes, you’ll note). Collective play and the ensuing freedom is what we’re after.

The Exaltation of Play, Gateless Gate to Objective Chance

Human freedom cannot be won by miserabilist means. Unlike the tradition-bound “Marxist” admirers of “business as usual” who want “Jobs for All,” surrealists demand “All Play and No Work!” To stimulate surrealist collective creation is the principal reason for the creation of surrealist collectives, and we have found play to be the modus operandi that works best. As in “Time-Travelers’ Potlatch,” play questions conventional relationships, overturns definitions, puts pleasure before duty, frees the imagination, reinforces desire. Alchemically, play could be considered the open entrance to the shut palace of objective chance—a free-for-all approach to the infinite variety of unexpected self-revelation, and the basis for a new, revolutionary poetic morality. What at first may appear to be only a moment’s “time out” from the Old Order becomes an “Open Sesame” to the revolutionary life—a concrete prefiguration of the life of poetry made by all.


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