Leeds Surrealist Group

Leeds Surrealist Group.

I found their new journal, Phosphor, at the Manchester Art Museum when I went recently to see Angels of Anarchy, surrealist women’s art.

The journal is quite good, the Autumn 2009 issue commemorates Franklin Rosemont, an American surrealist who founded the Chicago Surrealist Group in the 1970’s with his wife, Penelope.  Franklin passed away last April.

Terribly ironic for me, as I had read the Rosemonts’ publications in the 70’s (Athanor, book of poetry by Penelope, and Arsenal, their journal). I’d lost track of them over the years as my attention was directed elsewhere, then rediscovered them about a year ago with the start of our surrealist salon group in Aberystwyth.  Only a short time later, Franklin passed away.

If you are near Leeds, that group’s activities look well worth checking out.

I was nicely encouraged to see various references to synesthesia in the journal.

Watch for more…..


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