new/old video clips

I’ve been playing around with some new/old stuff and decided to post the Book of Changes video clip to YouTube, instead of just having it on Dropio for people who happen to stumble upon the page in the Conceptual Art Scrapbook.

Here’s the page about the piece

And here’s my YouTube channel, where I’m hoping to get more poi clips and maybe some music soon

found poetry

Here is a bit of found poetry:


Coarse grained
energy of light
A path of chemical event
It proceeds without any catalyst
Radical process

Mediated by four degrees from the original. Someone gave a talk, someone translated it, my friend selected particular phrases from the translation and wrote them down, calling them ‘Notes from a seminar’. I selected certain of his lines (about 1/3 of the whole length) and put them together here. So the words aren’t mine but the selection process is.

I considered elaborating based on the fragments I’d selected, but decided it would damage the purity of tone. I titled it and then removed the title, leaving the punctuation.

He gave me permission.  Love the lines.  Thanks.