found poetry

Here is a bit of found poetry:


Coarse grained
energy of light
A path of chemical event
It proceeds without any catalyst
Radical process

Mediated by four degrees from the original. Someone gave a talk, someone translated it, my friend selected particular phrases from the translation and wrote them down, calling them ‘Notes from a seminar’. I selected certain of his lines (about 1/3 of the whole length) and put them together here. So the words aren’t mine but the selection process is.

I considered elaborating based on the fragments I’d selected, but decided it would damage the purity of tone. I titled it and then removed the title, leaving the punctuation.

He gave me permission.  Love the lines.  Thanks.


2 thoughts on “found poetry

  1. As I said on my blog, it is better than the original (although the original has its own merit and style of course). In your version, I think the fifth line would be much better as “It proceeds with no catalyst”. I am so inspired by your plagiarism that I am trying to write better poetry, and that is a little worrying. haha

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