latest experimental double bass from Dan Barbiero

This from Dan Barbiero, who does some experimental music on double bass.

The latest release from netlabel Electronic Musik comes in the form of an ep from the trio Barbiero, Rouzer and Videll.

Indigo over Red on Grey is an electroacoustic exquisite corpse in which a double bass improvisation served as a foundation track in relation to which sound processing and field recordings were created in a double-blind process, after which all three tracks were combined and mixed.

Indigo over Red on Grey represents one event in an ongoing collaboration among Daniel Barbiero (prepared & unprepared double bass), Gary Rouzer (amplified textures & field recordings), and Chris Videll, aka Tag Cloud (sound sculpture, processing & mixing). Combining diversely-sourced sound elements into audio atmospheres of varying rarefaction, Barbiero/Rouzer/Videll explore the ways in which conventional and extended string techniques can interact with readymade sounds, amplified objects and digital processing.

Download it free here:



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