The Observer – a surrealist collage poem

[Note: For anyone who may not be familiar with surrealist practice, this poem was constructed by cutting out random phrases from a magazine and then assembling them to create a sense of dislocation while also excavating an inner logic.]

The Observer

Oh, you are afraid of doing
a crime against most

Crush the first suit
of armour; it needs the last
terrestrial explosives chamber.

The trick to enjoy
this language on skins is
a less-than-rational choice.

Eyes struggle
to bed a long piece of
sauteed window –
a look we like.

Fascinated by dysfunction, this is
the heart land, divided,
growing rapidly.

If you dig for pearl,
what’s the future?

I will try the real.

André Breton quote

“Your neck is pearled barley. Your hair is a wood fire. Your mouth is a bouquet of stars. Your eyelashes are a child’s first stroke of writing. Your eyebrows are the edge of a swallow’s nest. Your shoulders are dolphins’ heads under the ice. Your fingers? The ace of hearts. Your armpits? Beechnut and midsummer night. Your arms are the sea foam and flood gate foam. Your feet are bunches of keys.”

These lines are extracted from André Breton’s poem, “Free Union (l’union libre)”, which can be found in the book, Earthlight. The version of the quote above is from Free Will Astrology by Rob Breszny.