Videos moved to YouTube

When I started doing the performance art in 2008, I made a few videos, most of which were intended to be ‘studies’ or proof-of-concept for conceptual art, rather than polished final products. As Rrose says,

‘My work is a life in progress’.

I put the clips onto Google Video. Recently I recieved notice that Google Video was disappearing, so I moved the clips to YouTube and have spent a bit of time looking at them again and reflecting. I’d like to share this one with you now, again.

28 November 2008 – In/Out of the Box. Presented as part of Showroom upstairs at the Coops, this piece had a video clip I made with soundtrack by Dr. T and a live component with performance by myself and music by Christoph. The lighting for the second part is a bit dark, but you can still see the action and hopefully the relationship between parts 1 and 2.

Actual peformance, including Part 1 (a video with soundtrack, as projected onto the screen) and Part 2 (live performance with live music)

  • Smash Box, what happened after the performance
  • Part 1, the final version of Part 1 video itself
  • Part 2, the initial study for Part 2, filmed on the beach

So what do I think, 2 1/2 years later?  I think the soundtrack to Part 1 works well to create the mood I was going after. I find the box image disturbing, as it is supposed to be. Little things I would change – more light in part 2 of the live performance, I’m not sure I like the journal entry part of the clip but I’m not sure what I’d replace it with. I like the music for part 2, as well. On the night, I wasn’t happy with the timings, but in looking at the clip again, I think it is fine.

If I do another photo montage in future, I will play more with the timings of the still images. Overall, I’m still happy with it.