Flash Fiction: 7X7 number 1

seven2This story was written in response to an invitation I posted on Facebook:

7X7 experiment – Please comment on this post by posting *one single word* – any word you want (well, not something rude, obviously). Once I have seven words, I will weave them into a mini story. Next step is try to create seven different stories using the same set of words. I’ll put the stories where you can find them. Thanks to Tommy Baker for inspiration.

The words were: rose, flapjack, octopus, dolsot, travesty, laughing, wired, with the optional addition of reptile. Considering the level of specificity of the words, I’ve only written one story.

Language Lesson

by Mary Jacob, 13 January 2013

They had been driving since 6am, sniping at each other the whole time, so when they arrived at the lake, they put down their bags and sat without speaking for a while. It seemed easier that way. A square patch of sun inched across the floor.

She rose heavily from the kitchen chair and said to her husband, “Well, I might as well start making the flapjacks, or it will be too late to eat by the time they’re done.” She rummaged around in the cupboards. “This cabin is so tiny, there’s nothing here. I can’t find a fry pan, only these stone pots. What a travesty! We paid a lot of money to spend this weekend at Big Bear.”

“Calm down,” her husband said, “Why are you so wired? The saucepans were probably nicked by the previous guests. All they have left are these Korean things, dolsots, I think you call them.”

She snorted. “Dolsots? That sounds like some kind of reptile. What are we supposed to do with these? You can’t fry pancakes in stone pots.”

“Pancakes? I thought you were making flapjacks?”

“Yes, flapjacks.”

“Oh wait a minute…” They spoke at nearly the same time. He was saying, “In Britain, a flapjack is…” while she said, “In America, a flapjack is…”

Before they could finish their sentences, they’d collapsed on the floor laughing. He enclosed her in his arms and breathed in the fragrance of her hair. “Shall we start again?” he said.

“You’re such an octopus!” she said, as she snuggled into his chest. “Okay, let’s see what the rest of the cabin is like. If it’s really nice, we don’t have to go skiing at all, do we?“

“We can stay in and teach each other to speak English. Properly, I mean. With this nice bottle of Cabernet.”

“That’s French, silly.”

“Yes, teacher. I’ll see if I can find the California Zin, then, shall I?”


One thought on “Flash Fiction: 7X7 number 1

  1. Mary, this is great! Very evocative, and I love the way you met the challenge . To me, this story explores the strangeness (dolsot . . . flapjack . . . pancake) of language as a means to create and reveal character!

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