Flarf Experiment – Pain Tapestry

Flarf experiment composed by Mary Jacob 12 Feb 2013


Well, it had to happen some day. It was inevitable really. Flarf is a method for composing poetry that is similar to Dadaist cut-ups but using Google , so it was a natural for Rrose. Choose two words that don’t have anything to do with each other and enter a search. Copy words and phrases from the results and paste them into a poem. Once you have done that, you can shape and change it as you see fit. Flarf started off as a joke, but then became serious. Here is my first experiment. I’ve adapted the method to produce something that suits my own aesthetics.

Pain Tapestry

Without pain our life is unthinkable.
The concrete could open up.
There are three
rolling in,
woven into our own bodies
for about a year now.
They are easy to stitch
in the deep recesses of
12 million other
that share our
Embrace the outward beauty,
the shock at losing
our designs.
How much pain can we endure?


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