Found Poem – Aging Animals

I haven’t put any new writing here for a while, because to be honest, I’m thinking of submitting some for publication and putting it on the blog would mean I can’t do that. Since the start of the year, I’ve written a total of 17 poems (including some flarf) and 9 completed flash fiction pieces. I was following links from the Poetry Society website and came across this list of words from the BBC Poetry Season, which practically wrote a poem by itself. Only a little vision and a dollop of glue was needed.

So here is an offering (still subject to revision).

Aging Animals

5 May 2013

Found poetry from BBC Poetry Season

I was searching for poems
by theme: aging animals, fur tinged in grey,
toothless and moulting like many
of the people on the bus these days.
Childhood celebrations fade
like Instamatic prints, hazed yellow.
Art beauty lifts us up, while conflict desire tears us down,
faith families pinion us to the ground,
make us dream of fantasy farewells and the futility
of hope in grief.

I’m not the only one; we are all searching.
Whatever gender, we all need
humour to trudge through our ideological journeys,
stamping snow off our boots only to end up
in the loneliness of judgement, in the loss
of love. All that is left is memories
of our own mortality
recollected in advance of death. That is the nature
of nostalgia – passion
tinged with regret. Sexual relationships and
wartime traditions, they all end the same way;
in words
that work their yearning.

We search for words in the absence that lurks
in the bottom
of the looking glass.


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