Poetry Quests

lizardmanDream daily. Your quest, should you choose to accept it, is to read and write something every day, finding some deeper level of significance, revealing use of  language, etc through each activity.

Read at least one poem every day. Read it 5-10 times.

Do the first activity on the list. The next day, either revise a prior piece of writing or do the next activity on the list in sequence. Repeat until you have done them all.

This should take you all summer. By the end, your pen should be smoking.

  1. interrogate an object
  2. project yourself into another person’s place
  3. describe the surface and depth of something or someone
  4. describe the same thing from different angles
  5. describe the same thing from the point of view of different people/animals/mythic creatures
  6. select an object in front of you and free associate
  7. select an object in front of you and free associate, then remove the initiating object from the poem
  8. grab snatches of overheard conversation
  9. put random  unconnected words together and see with the juxtaposition suggests
  10. listen to music and free write
  11. sit in one place and describe everything that surrounds you
  12. imagine a dialogue with someone close to you / imagined / famous
  13. interrogate a photograph or a painting
  14. set two or more objects together and see how they relate
  15. have the two objects talk to each other
  16. put an object into a landscape / context where you wouldn’t expect to find it
  17. dream while awake
  18. read other poet’s’ work, doing multiple readings for each poem, then write an imitation
  19. cento – grab lines from different poems and assemble them into a new poem
  20. flarf – do a web search for unrelated terms, grab phrases from the search results and assemble into a new poem
  21. take on the voice of a famous person
  22. take on the voices of two famous people or characters and have them talk to each other
  23. describe the beginning, middle and end of a process
  24. describe the end, middle and beginning of a process
  25. describe a place or an object over time
  26. explore the impact of world events in a personal context
  27. go on a journey
  28. encounter your opposite
  29. describe an intense personal memory
  30. play hope and fear against each other
  31. find nuance in everyday conversation
  32. look for patterns in water or other liquid
  33. picture your next transformation
  34. describe your last transformation
  35. write words you would say to someone who has gone
  36. write words they would say to you
  37. write a postcard to a famous person / stranger / ancestor / descendant / lover
  38. diary – write a realistic description of one whole day
  39. diary – write a surreal description of one whole day
  40. your past self meets your future self
  41. someone else’s past self meets their future self
  42. everyone you have ever loved is in the same room

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