Aber Story Fest – less than three weeks to go !

We have had some additions to the programme, and are very excited indeed. 

Friday 6th December features some headlining acts, starting off with an adventure into the dark otherworld of west Wales tales, and some amazing music by the region’s most inventive musicians. Hurdy gurdy, harp, cello like you’ve never heard it played before, and the amazing multi-instrumentalist Pixy Tom.

Saturday is packed, starting off with something new for us, a symposium about start, art and landscape in Wales. From this start, we move straight into an afternoon with a multitude of offerings including formal and informal storytelling with some of the best performers in Wales and the UK, while in the theatre foyer there is more music for your listening pleasure and performance art.

Saturday evening sees a varied programme of mysterious tales including Morgana le Fey, ending with our own Rrose Selavy, who will stitch together the tales of the weekend into a new and surreal tapestry.

Sunday afternoon is the time for children’s stories, with many of our favourite storytellers and dress-up artists performing for and with little ones. And puppets!

Sunday evening has another set of headlining acts, followed by a Twmpath in which all of the musicians of the weekend takes turns playing music for dancing. While twmpath means a Welsh dancing evening (similar to American sqaure dance or contra dancing), I happen to know that these musicians often spill over into French and Breton dances as well, with the possibility of a Canadian barn dance being included, so expect a varied range. If you don’t know how to dance, don’t worry, come along and they will show you. The dances will be called and taught for beginners.