Wayback to some early songs

revisiting Theoretical Blues, maybe do this one at Folk Club tomorrow 🙂

Pictures of Rrose

The Wayback Machine has allowed me to recover these songs, which I wrote while in grad school. Not sure I could reconstruct the melody of the second one.

Theoretical Blues

Ain’t got a paradigm
only a nickel to my name
Ain’t got a paradigm
only a nickel to my name
Well, since my baby left me
Ooh, Lawd, it’s a crying shame.

My baby metanarrative
told him stories all Thursday night.
By Friday he’d gone and left me.
You know it just ain’t right.

Now I got no signifier
I got no signified
Got no significant other
Lawd, please give me a sign.


I tried dialectic
I tried dial right
Put all my money in the phone
but no dialog with my baby tonight.

He works in deconstruction
drives a semiotic truck
And if I could, I surely would
sing the next line but it rhymes with truck.


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