ordinary words used in unusual ways

Here is another exercise for the writing class. It turned into a flash fiction piece. Close to first draft here. There is one main word used in this description that is used in what I hope is a fresh and original way. I won’t tell you what it is.

Just Desserts

It was a cast party. The waiters had put tables together into a long row, taking up half of the restaurant. Danny sat with his lead actors and actresses to either side of him, the lighting and sound technicians on the end. They were on their second round of bottles of wine, voices cresting and surging like waves. He was in the middle of a story about gypsies in Rome when he noticed Lydia chatting up the chef. His voice plateaued and he put down his glass of Merlot. The others did the same. “Well, let’s pay up, shall we? Well done everyone.”

When Lydia came back to the table, he clamped his lips shut. She sat down and started to eat her tiramisu just as everyone else stood up, abandoning theirs. “What? Doesn’t anyone want their dessert?” She carried on eating as they filed out without a word. She sighed. Being a director’s wife was so lonely.


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