Second Surrealist Evening in Search Of The Marvelous

We’re doing it again! To see what happened the first time, view the CelfCeredigionArt blog post.

An artifact from the last session, this was collaborative drawing to music.

Friday 19th September 2014, 7:30-10:00pm at the Gas Gallery

Suggested donation: £3

You are invited to an evening of participatory entertainment and Surrealist parlour games.

  • Synaesthesia – blur the boundary between music and image!
  • Sound jam – make sounds of all types!
  • Collage – remix words and images to make something new and strange!

Please bring a few pages (such as from a magazine) that you would be happy to cut up. If you make music and would like to join in a jam, please bring your instrument.

Featuring Miss Morgan’s Rose Sherbet and other flavours, for an additional donation.

More details to follow soon.

New Welsh Review Early Summer Podcast 2014

word prism

Caroline Stockford interviews Cynan Jones about his novel ‘The Dig’, Granta 2014, Carly Holmes on ‘The Scrapbook’ and the NWR book club review ‘Gretel and the Dark’ by Eliza Granville.

Click on the link and scroll down for the podcast, happy listening!

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In Search of the Marvelous – an evening of Surrealist games

Our first Surrealist evening at the gas gallery was a big success! See the blog post here for some images and more details: 

one of the collaborative doodles from Surrealist evening

I’m currently working with the gallery to set up regular sessions, most likely one Friday per month, so watch this space. Each time will have a different combination of activities, but we will always give you a chance to play with both words and images in some way, and there is a strong musical strand. 

In the meantime, to give you a flavour of what it is, here is the programme from the August session: 

8th August 2014, 7:30-10:00pm at the Gas Gallery

Suggested donation: £3

You are invited to join an evening of participatory entertainment. Play Surrealist parlour games in the beautiful and unique environment of the Gas Gallery.

The evening includes collective and joyous improvisation based on games that the Surrealists played and classic theatre warm-up activities. We will use movement and sound, stories and pictures, bringing all the senses into play. No experience is needed, just bring your sense of fun.

Live music will be performed by Daf Moore, of the Hittites. Games will be facilitated by Surrealist practitioner and poet, Mary Jacob.

On offer is a non-alcoholic beverage, Miss Morgan’s Rose Sherbet, for an additional donation.

On the menu, we have:

  • Theta state – relax and slow down!
  • Walking school of fish – move around! based on a classic theatre warm-up exercise
  • Pass the spark – play with sounds! based on Axons and Dendrites, a cross-modal improvisation we performed at the Arts Centre a few years ago
  • Musical doodles – play with pictures! Like musical chairs, except it is the doodles that move around, not the people 
  • Illot mollo synchronicity stories – play with words! One of the parlour games that the Surrealists devised in the 20’s and 30’s, in which everyone writes their own pieces using shared words. These stories, poems, and stream-of-conscious ramblings all came out very differently, despite including words shared in common and contributed by all players.
  • Circles – cool down and chill out! Inspired by sonic circles.