Remember Breton: A New Poem by Mary Jacob

Publication in Long Exposure, a new online journal that looks at poetry and image, and how they relate. It is a great magazine with an interesting focus, check it out.

This poem was written specifically for National Poetry Day, as the theme is looking back and especially remembering WWI. Andre Breton founded Surrealism as an outgrowth of his work in a psychiatric hospital for shellshocked WWI veterans. I used the Surrealist cut-up technique in the second section of the poem. Hope you enjoy it. Painting and speech can be found here


White paste, skewed lips, hospital green
you have been drained of blood
your heart clenched tight around your throat
your hair is an oil slick, a shield, a shadow
the line down the centre of your face
jags left and right, dodging bullets
your ear is a walking cane
your shoulders an encampment
asteroid your eyes

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In Search of the Marvelous, Part 2

In Search of the Marvelous, Part 2

An Evening of Surrealist Parlour Games

Friday 19th September 2014, 7:30-10:00pm at the Gas Gallery, Aberystwyth

You are invited to an evening of participatory entertainment and Surrealist parlour games.

synaesthetic drawing

a Synaesthetic drawing

  • Synaesthesia – blur the boundary between music and image!
  • Sound jam – make sounds!
  • Collage – remix words and images to make something new and strange!

Please bring a few pages (such as from a magazine) that you would be happy to cut up. If you make music and would like to join in a jam, please bring your instrument.

Games will be facilitated by Surrealist practitioner and poet, Rrose Sélavy. Each event in this monthly series has a different combination of activities, always giving you a chance to play with words, play with images, and play with sound. The programme includes collective and joyous improvisation based on games that the Surrealists played and classic theatre warm-up activities. We will use movement and sound, stories and pictures, bringing all the senses into play. No experience is needed, just bring your sense of fun.

Featuring Miss Morgan’s Rose Sherbet and other flavours, for an additional donation.

Suggested donation: £3

Poster for the event