May Surrealist Games

collage_Surrealist Interrogation

Come with us exploring Aberystwyth in search of the marvellous! Let’s see what we can see. If the weather is nice, we will venture out for part of the time and find the answers to our surrealist questions in the town of Aber, then reconvene at the gallery to share the results of our interrogations and play more games. Please be at the Gas Gallery no later than 8:00pm if you would like to join this journey.

You are invited to an evening of participatory entertainment. Come join Surrealist practitioner and poet, Mary Jacob (Rrose Sélavy) to play Surrealist parlour games in the beautiful and unique environment of the Gas Gallery. No experience required, just a sense of play. 15th May and 19th June, from 7:30-10:00pm at the Gas Gallery, Park Avenue, Aberystwyth. Suggested donation: £3 Find us on Facebook


2 thoughts on “May Surrealist Games

  1. I met you in the art centre cafe this morning,I cant come to the Gas Gallery tomorrow but I can come on June 19th with a bit of luck. I hope you enjoyed your doughnut

  2. great donut and I really enjoyed your art and meeting you in the queue! That is what makes Aber special! l look forward to seeing more of your paintings, enjoyed your Flickr stream

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