Crack / Release

New new version

revised 20 July 2008

I’m not sure what form this new version will take. Now I’m thinking in terms of very very short media snippets, quite fragmented and layered, something like Bunuel’s films.

Some things to include (not in this order):

  • ‘crack’ sound of pickaxe on the coconut
  • image of dancer in black leotard against black backdrop with coconut halves painted black on the outside. Stand stiffly holding the halves together at chest height, suddenly -crack- one half goes up one half goes down and muscles slump. Just a few seconds, stutter it repeatedly at points. For some reason I’m picturing a male dancer, older and muscled, but I’m not sure why it should be that image. For this image, the viewer should mainly just sense the movement, as black on black is intended to obscure as much as possible. The white center of the coconut and the expression on the man’s face will make focal points for the change.
  • pink mist rising against a black background
  • wisps of smoke against a black background
  • abstract image – black cracking and allowing a thread of light through, golden orange. If the right photograph were found/taken, this could be the horizon over the sea as the sun slips underneath the clouds.
  • sound of hissing steam
  • wire dress form with water dripping from a hose in the centre of it
  • film clip of Ophelia in the iron corset from Kozintsev’s film of Hamlet (would be great to get this, I couldn’t find any stills on line, though)
  • sounds of dripping
  • sound of a crack then sound of a sigh
  • image of words from the original raw journal entry, but cut up like a puzzle
  • sound of words from the original raw journal entry, but sampled, distorted, and fragmented so only wisps slip through

For your edification, here is the raw unedited material, transcribed directly from the real journal (appeared in blog on 2 April 2008 but recorded in journal 14 March 2008):

Look in, what do you see, a hole, a well with a slight mist of panic, adrenalin cloud barely perceptible drifting in the center of the abyss, surrounded and lifted by weaving strands, ribbons of music, rhythms of support and emptiness, purple and black and intense gold on the horizon’s edge, an updraft and a downdraft, something splitting in the region of the heart, half moves up, half moves down, moist breath released in the centre, reaching up and reaching down to connect with what? The sign of the Juggler, making a circuit, connections, a chain of links, so current can flow through, something released in the region of the heart, pink mist, there must be freedom in there somewhere, but what after? Just a blood mist and echo, dusty after-tang of things left too long before resurfacing, left too long unexcavated – revitalise, reverberate, replenish, reinvigorate, rejuvenate, restore, resurrect, reclaim, reconstitute, phoenix from the ashes.

New version

edited 15 July 2008

This is a 3-D sculpture or a photo collage depicting an iron corset with a cracked-open coconut suspended inside. Instead of coconut milk, a clear red resin is pouring from the coconut.

The image of the iron corset echoes the 1964 Kozintsev film of Hamlet. There is a description of the iron corset scene with Ophelia in FindArticles – Empowered by Madness: Ophelia in the Films of Kozintsev, Zeffirelli, and Branagh Literature Film Quarterly, 2006, by Teker, Gulsen Sayin:

Fortunately, Rrose Sélavy has been released from this fate.

Original version

This is a 3-D sculpture or 2-D collage. Image of wire mesh dress form with a cracked-open coconut inside, but instead of coconut milk pouring out, clear red poly-something or resin. I’d like to build this in real life but not sure if I could acquire the pieces easily.  And who would have such an artwork – dress form with bleeding coconut – in their home?

iron dress form

iron dress form


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