Glass Bubble

Glass bubble

revised 15 July 2008

This piece links to both ‘Axons and Dendrites’ and ‘In / Out of the Box’. It should precede both of them.

This piece is an interpretive dance for couple and crowd. This must be seen from above in a perfect bird’s-eye view, so it could be videotaped. The crowd should ‘bleed’ out of the frame so that the edges of the performance space are not shown, in order to suggest that the crowd extends infinitely.

For live performance, the audience would have to be positioned above directly looking down at the dancers.

There are two movements:

1.  The tableau as the scene starts is a mass of people. They begin to mill around. In the centre, a couple join hands and twirl, clearing a circular area around themselves, the crowd pressing in but stopping just outside the edges of the circle.  A spotlight fills the circle. Pas de deux.  Then the man leaves the woman and goes offstage.

2.  The woman extends her arms all around in the centre of the cleared area, twirls but doesn’t touch anyone. As she moves in various directions, the cleared circular space moves with her, such that the people remain outside of arm’s reach. The spotlight remains directed onto the circle, always illuminating just the empty space. The woman moves more rapidly in variously directions, extending her arms, sometimes twirling, never touching. The glass bubble is maintained with no other dancers entering into the space.

The end. These are the saddest pages in the journal.

Optional enhancements:

While this is going on, images of journal pages flash on a screen behind or directly onto the dancers, while a voiceover narrates fragmentary bits of the journal.  Photographs taken in various locations that evoke the same sense of space around the photographer can also be used.


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