Identity Cascade

Identity Cascade – wall hanging

conceived 30 September 2008
content created 12 October 2008
revised and mounted onto Wiki 15 November 2008

This piece was conceived over a month ago, and worked out in the journal in early October but not added here until today.

a sketch from the real journal showing original conception

a sketch from the real journal showing original conception

The top portion consists of a tree branch. Strings hang straight down from it, and are strung with a series of name cards. The name cards are all for Rrose Sélavy but with different real and imaginary roles/identities. The effect is something like a beaded curtain with name cards instead of beads.

Here are some possible ideas for the cards.

  1. Rrose Sélavy – surrealist artist, specialising in automatic writing. Enliven your party by playing the Exquisite Corpse game!
  2. Rrose Sélavy – computer wizard – Rbase and Oracle programming, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, DOS. Electronic magic for your office.
  3. Rrose Sélavy – poet, oneiric imagery for all occasions.
  4. Rrose Sélavy – vegetarian chef – you’ll swear there is meat in it, but it’s really chopped olives! 1970’s California cuisine a specialty.
  5. Rrose Sélavy – arts and crafts, candles, macramé, embroidery, plasticine stars – add that home-made touch to your décor.
  6. Rrose Sélavy – 6-string plunkin’ – blues, ballads, and laments, any song of pain
  7. Rrose Sélavy – holiday household help – 9-year-old available during summer holidays to clean anything – windows, floors, toilets, dirty nappies, no job too dirty, tedious or time-consuming
  8. Rrose Sélavy – educational technologist – add fun and creativity to your teaching with the extra added benefit of improved learning outcomes!
  9. Rrose Sélavy – lazybones – late night, long lie-in the next day? Guilt begone! Upon arrangement, Rrose can manage to be up and dressed even later than you on Saturday morning/afternoon.
  10. Rrose Sélavy – platonic affection TLCCC – cuddle caress and conversation, no sex or romance required, limited time offer so act now!
  11. Rrose Sélavy – language teacher – have dictionary will travel.
  12. Rrose Sélavy – grammarian and copy editor – anxious about where to put that full stop/period? Worry no more! Bi-directional Brit-US transitions handled with ease. Lose no more sleep over ‘which’ and ‘that’.
  13. Rrose Sélavy – daydreamer
  14. Rrose Sélavy – web designer, gossamer filaments spun into radial patterns across your computer screen
  15. Rrose Sélavy – poi spinner, gossamer filaments spun into radial patterns across your retina
    16. Rrose Sélavy – technical writer – wondering ‘how to’ do anything at all? Step-by-step instructions produced with or without screenshots will make the most complex tasks as easy as pie. Click ‘Submit’ and then ‘OK’!
  16. Rrose Sélavy – graduate student, East Asian Studies – delve into the most obscure depths of theory and practice with avant-garde Chinese writers
  17. Rrose Sélavy – clerk-typist, well-versed in the alphabet, Rrose will sort out your filing with a smile! Letters, memos and reports touch-typed at your command, effortlessly translating illegible handwriting into letter-perfect copy.
  18. Rrose Sélavy – ailurophile – cat grooming, pampering, cuddling and stroking. Purr wish is our command.
  19. Rrose Sélavy – tiger girl coiffures – tame any hair no matter how wild, or make your sedate image more savage!
  20. Rrose Sélavy – professional presentations for the workplace – kill those bullet points in your PowerPoint, use images and creative layout to communicate (and keep your audience awake for a change!).
  21. Rrose Sélavy – lecturer in Chinese language and culture.

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