Layers and Layers

Layers and Layers – added 12 July 2008

This is a Flash object that allows the viewer to move in and out of various layers of images. The images are based on photographs of a single person’s face, but in different aspects at different times, showing different layers of the personality.

Creating this artwork would be a multi-stage process:

  1. Take photos and identify existing photos to use.
  2. Transfer the images from each photo onto thin squares of gauze or silk as translucent as possible, probably using a silkscreen process. There may be about 15-20 images.
  3. Mount each square onto a thin piece of metal and suspend them one in front of the other so that the layers below can be see through the top layer. The sides and bottom of each square should be left to dangle freely, move in response to air current etc.
  4. Photograph the suspended stack of squares. Remove the top square and photograph the stack again. Repeat removing squares and rephotographing until you get to the last square.
  5. Put the images into a Flash object with controls so that the viewer can move in and out of the layers. Each layer can dissolve into the one below or above it.

The effect should be as if the viewer is moving through transparent gauzy layers more and more deeply into the person, while still able to perceive the ghostly images just before and after.

Interplay among various facets of the individual’s personality.

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