My Is A

created 20 July

This piece is an interactive web page. It consists of one or two sentences with variable words. Click and the variable words spin slot-machine style, coming up with different combinations. These are all quotes from Rrose Sélavy.

This is not the page, it is notes for the creation of the page. I might add a graphic image later to show you what it would look like.

Possible sentences, with my comments noted:

  • My life is a work of art.
  • My life is the art of work. – not quite, leave this variation out.
  • My art is a work of life.
  • My art is a life of work. – No! Definitely not that one!
  • My work is the art of life. – trite.
  • My work is a life of art. – slightly less trite, maybe leave it in.

The other variation on the quote:

  • My life is a work in progress.
  • My work is a life in progress.

I’m not sure if the second variation goes in or not, it has only two versions, the obvious one and the switch, of which I only want to keep the switch anyway.

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