Peripheral Vision

Expanded idea – revised 24 August 2008

This is to be a video in which there may be a combination of still and short video clips with a voiceover narration. It may comprise parts of one day in the life of Rrose Sélavy. I have rethought the significance of what is seen in peripheral vision, as below.

Process note – 24 August. This is potentially the most risky of the pieces, so I have avoided putting any concrete details in it yet.  It entails re-reading the real journals and making some difficult choices. I am almost ready to create a storyboard now, however. I would like to finish the weaving (Bricolage) and the video/performance (In/Out of the Box) before tackling this one in more detail.


The visuals will consist of images, especially of locales for journal writing. In some cases the environment may be numbing or dull (as the laundrette). In others it may be bright and stimulating, as the prom. The visuals will not only set the context but set up both a potential contrast and reinforcement of inner experience with outer experience.

Images will often have some hint of Rrose as the journal writer herself, a reflection, shadow, body part or artefact. Indications of the existence of the narrator as seen in peripheral vision will be fragmentary, suggestive, distorted. These are pieces of the mosaic woman (see Book of Changes for development of this idea).

Some stills could be the coarse type of photo taken with the phone-cam, such as these in the laundrette. For example, some photos from the laundrette show the reflection of the photographer in the glass of the drier or back of the drum.


The narration will consist of fragmentary extracts from the imaginary journal, based on the real journal. It is not intended to provide the actual story behind the Journals but to suggest it symbolically and to comment on the nature of recording a life in this way. Types of things to include might be:

  • mundane detail of life, maybe even lists
  • fragmentary and merely suggestive detail of the traumatic events
  • description of the outer world (people and scenery as observed)
  • description of the inner world (abstract evocation of emotional state)

Sometimes there might be a juxtaposition between description of something light or lovely in the outer world with a jump to traumatic event or (possibly more interesting) the reverse – a jump from traumatic to mundane, from heavy to light.

In some cases, the tone of what is written will match the visuals, in other cases there will be a tension and contrast between them. The result will be a modulation between resonance and dissonance.

Original idea

– video of inner and outer contrast and harmony. There will be shots of what is seen out there (based on snippets from journals or locations where journals are written, laundrette dryer spinning or glimpses of prom walk, beach etc) with fragmentary voiceovers of the traumatic aspects of the past two years narrated from the journal. The narrator is never seen, but the video shows what she sees.  Sometimes it is abstract image/words, sometimes concrete. Sometimes what is seen resonates with inner experience, sometimes it contrasts. An archetypal ‘Trickster’ figure appears in the periphery of some shots, near the end a sudden closeup of face, then just the sound of wind and image of waving grass on Consti.  Probably 5-10 minutes. I might make a separate page here with some appropriate scraps of text and/or still images.

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