Just Add Water – Songs of love, loss, and reconstitution

Rrose sings the lost songs of Sarah Vaughan and Ma Rainey

Created 19 March 2009, revised 28 Feb 2010 (one-year anniversary of having a guitar again), expanded 3 May 2010 (3-year anniversary).

Here are the songs and fragments since January 2009:

  1. Younger Man Blues – voice
  2. Snatch it All Away – voice
  3. He Said, He Said – voice
  4. Shipwreck Blues – voice
  5. Womaniser Blues – voice
  6. Random Walk – voice
  7. Conditional Love – voice
  8. Bone Quite – voice
  1. Secret Song – guitar
  2. Solstice – guitar (there may be more to do with it)
  3. Soul and Body – guitar
  4. Resolution – guitar
  1. Heart Full of Emptiness – voice and guitar
  2. Low-down Scoundrel – voice and guitar
  3. Barbed Wire on the Borders – voice and guitar
  4. Dark Connection – voice and guitar
  5. Sinking in your Beer – voice and guitar
  6. Portrait of Rose – voice and guitar
  7. Dreamtime – voice and guitar
  1. [Women are Heroes – voice and guitar – has one verse and a refrain so far, based on art by JR]
  2. [Inside Out Five Ways – voice and guitar – this piece is very hard to play, arrangement not fully worked out]
  3. [Blueberry Jam – guitar really just a long riff, what can I do with it?]
  4. [Titania’s Song – guitar melody over words from Midsummer Night’s Dream, needs to be arranged]

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