ineedart update

Thanks to Andy McPherson’s animation workshop, I’ve had another go at the signature piece for Rrose Sélavy involving reconstruction of roses.  This was my first proper go at animation.  We used Toki Line Test.

Here is the current version, without sound signature piece (on, Flash format).

The next step is to get a soundtrack.

Having had the experience of making this, I am tempted to plan a more proper go using a camcorder and better software, perhaps?  Ooooh….I’d like proper DVD quality.  Or maybe that is just because I like things to remain ‘in progress’.

British Animation Awards – public choice

I have just come from the British Animation Awards public choice programme 1 (out of three).  A series of British animated films are shown, and the public gets to rate them. The winner wins the award. This is worth seeing, so if you have the chance, do go.

Some of these you can watch online.  Here are my favourites from the first programme:

  1. The Imperfectionist – This was my favourite. By Asa Lucander and Vicki Kitchingman, Blackwatch Productions. Hilarious, warm, self-deprecating humour and very inventive. It was premiered on Channel 4’s Mesh programme of digital animation.
  2. Cat Man Do – By Simon Tofield, this tells a story that all people who are owned by a cat will recognise. People were laughing out loud in the cinema.
  3. The Human Zoetrope – Originally called Round-up after the fairground ride, this is by Mark Simon Hewis.  The story is one man’s life from birth to death, and features a range of illustration styles and a certain dry irony. What is especially interesting is the way he made it, though, putting people into one of those spinning fairground rides.  Each person has a book with the stills from the animation, and he filmed each frame as the people spun past, flipping the pages of the book. Channel 4 FourDocs has video clip of him talking about making the film.

The rest of the programmes are on next weekend, so I’ll be sure to go.