Virgil and the Accelerators

I just want to get in another plug for Virgil and the Accelerators.   Their album is hot, and I mean that literally (just look at the cover).   If you get a chance to see them live in Aberystwyth or elsewhere, don’t miss it. 

Here’s the link to their site where you can see what gigs are coming up and hear some samples: Virgil and the Accelerators 

The BBC page has some reviews and user comments.

The Blues Matters site has a nice plug for Virgil at the recent Tenby Blues Festival. As we say in the States, ‘Way to go, Virgil!’

Internet radio – updated 3 Jan 2008

Here are some internet radio channels I’ve been listening to (new ones and some from previous posts).  Thought it would be nice to collect them in one place.

My current favourite – KJAZZ Cal State Long Beach brings you a range of classic and contemporary jazz also with a California accent. I like the ‘public radio’ culture. Programmes and announcers I like include Bob Parlocha, Brad Williams, Nick Tyler.

  • Blues Radio UK – classic blues up through contemporary, automated programming (no announcer):
  • Belly Up 4 Blues – more emphasis on blues rock:
  • Dig Jazz – from Australia, mostly contemporary and bebop, highlights Australian artist but not exclusively. ‘Fly-casting’ type programming, so no announcers and sometimes strange jumps from one tune to another 
  • KCSM public radio from San Mateo, California, jazz, this is their regular broadcast with that lovely northern California accent and membership radio culture: (playlist at Every time I hear their announcements about gigs, I think “I want to go to Yoshi’s (in Oakland)!” It is a bit weird to hear about “Morning cup o’ jazz” when it is afternoon here, though. Latin jazz with Jesse Varela is nice. Chris Cortez and Clifford Brown (son of the famous) are good too.
  • KXJZ Capital Public Radio, Sacramento – this is what we used to listen to in Davis.  They have NPR talk programmes, some jazz (used to be more) and the great Mick Martin’s Blues Party on Saturday afternoons as well a Prairie Home Companion.  You have to listen live, so check the schedule: 
  • Lagniappe Jazz (from N’orlins) – a wide range of jazz, with some broad programming but often just a mix with a little Dixieland and classic jazz thrown in with modern and contemporary
  • Scottish Radio Blues Connection is a nice blues and blues-rock programme with announcer and archives so you can listen anytime:
  • WKCR Columbia University radio station, wide range of programming, includes jazz: recommended by Dan B.

What I’m listening to – blues