What I’m listening to now…José González

Love José González’ new CD In Our Nature, which asks the question “What’s the point if you hate and kill for love?”

You can see his video clips and hear the music on his site. The clips would be worthy of the British Animation Awards, if only he were a Brit. Surreal and thought-provoking.

If you aren’t famililar with this artist (maybe some people Stateside), he is Swedish of Argentinian descent, and sings in English. Classically trained, he plays guitar intricately.  He’s not a pop clone – both his lyrics and music have something to engage the mind.

What I’m listening to…intricate guitars

Erik Mongrain percussive guitar “Fates” – reminds me of “Ice Flowers Melting” Finnish zither tape that I brought with me to China in the 1980’s. You can hear samples and see videos of his technique on his page: http://www.erikmongrain.com/News.asp

Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia “Friday Night in San Francisco” – This is the original 1980 live recording.  Here is a clip from that show, and another.  The three got back together again for a reunion in 1996, which you can see here on YouTube.  We saw Paco in concert with his flamenco group in CA a number of years ago, quite amazing.