a taste of Aber life

 To give you a taste of life in Aber, I will share some links to local food-related items. 

Basically, Saturday in Aber means making my loop through the market if it’s on (every other week or ‘fortnightly’ as they say in the UK), and a pass through these various shops to pick up what I need for the week. 

Some nice things in season at the moment are the freshest possible brussels sprouts on the stalk, and ingredients for Mary’s Magic Mixed Mash, which can include red carrot, white carrot, parsnip, swede (a kind of turnip) coarsely mashed, then add in onions and maybe garlic sauteed in butter. Add more butter and nutmeg if desired and either serve or make in advance, put in a casserole and heat in the oven before serving.

Not much is left to get from the real supermarket….