Virgil and the Accelerators Blues Band

Virgil and the Accelerators now has a new line-up.  I just came from Rummers, where they played a fantastic gig.  Virgil is amazing with his lightning-fast fingers.  The playlist is mostly new material compared to the old line-up, and they even played a song that they’d just written today.

Go see them!

Welcome – Virgil and the Accelerators Blues Band.

Harry’s gig for Virgil & Accelerators

Just came backfrom Harry’s Bar and Bistro where Virgil and the Accelerators played. Virgil has really matured as a guitarist, check him out. With brother Gabriel on drums, it is really a family affair.

The gig was excellent, all they needed was a second show.  Keep an eye out for future gigs and maybe a new CD in the future