Portrait of Rrose

This striking tintype portrait of Rrose Sélavy was taken by Doctora Memoria da Silva circa 1922 and believed to be in New Orleans. Documentary evidence makes mention of a mysterious Mr Shifter, but his identity is not known.

At the time, Rrose was known to be performing as part of a cabaret act billed as the Outhouse Movement at a vaudeville theatre called Y Foel Welsh. It is likely that this was her performance costume.

If anyone has further information about the origin of this photo, please contact the writer.


Conceptual Art Scrapbook progress

I’ve spent a significant portion of the past three weeks doing and preparing some things for the Conceptual Art Scrapbook.  Newest developments are listed at the top of the main scrapbook page.

In particular, after thinking through various approaches to Book of Changes (thanks, Will, for your comment), I’ve done what can be considered at least a mock-up if not draft version of the real piece.

Progress is being made on the weaving for Bricolage.

In / Out of the Box and Polarity have both seen developments as well.

Please let me know what you think.