Fire poi

Here are some pics and a vid from a couple of weeks ago. These were taken by Mark Weeks Photography.


It is about time that I put some things here about poi, which I am totally addicted to now (in a healthy way).

First, some links to good instructional videos:

Some of my favourite YouTube channels that feature poi:

I’ve been doing poi since 8 July 2008 and generally practice about two or three hours a day.  I carry my sock poi in my purse with me, so I can take them out if the sun is shining and spin poi after lunch or whenever/wherever I want.  I like having multiple short practice sessions, so it might only be 15 minutes at a go but that seems to speed up the progress.  Talking with my first poi teacher and friend, Becky, we found a common experience of ‘getting addicted to progress’.  Each time you actually learn how to do another move, it is a strong reinforcer and motivator to keep on going.  You just feel good!  Not to mention, feeling good because you are moving, pumping oxygen to the brain, hopefully getting outdoors in the fresh air, practicing graceful moves, meeting interesting people and sharing a common interest.  It’s all good!

Currently I’m working on isolations, stalls, spiral wraps (getting better 🙂 and I am starting to try to learn the backwards five-beat weave.  Forwards 5-beat was easier than the 3-beat weave initially, but the backward 5-beat is still hard.  I’ll keep trying.