Salon Surrealist Sélavy

On 28 Feb 2009, a small group of creative people came over to my flat to try out some creativity games at the Salon Surrealist Sélavy. We found the games generated a great deal of laughter and uncovered creative synergies among the participants (what a lovely group of people!).

Here is what we had on the menu for the evening:

  1. Theta State – a tasty appetiser talking through three types of brain waves to put us in the right mood to tap into the unconscious [short performance piece by Rrose Sélavy, which had the desired hypnotic relaxation effect]
  2. Surrealist Identity Interviews – find the reality above the reality of another participant and share with the group, variation of ‘Analogy Cards’ traditional surrealist game. [interview someone you don’t already know, something like an ice-breaker but also got people to think associatively – questions and responses have been posted to the Surrealist Games page]
  3. Collage – for antipasto, two teams cut up sheets of paper they had brought with their work in words/images/music on them, swap bits with opposite team, reassemble into a collage.
  4. Exquisite Corpse – classic surrealist game based on Consequences gave us a choice of entree – each person writes one line of text, then the next person uses the last word to start a new line, or choose a sentence at random from a book, and each person in turn fills in one word according to the sentence structure.  [we played both versions several times]
  5. Palimpsest Stories – mixed vegetables in which each person in turns writes a narrative on top of the previous one – what happened yesterday, the most recent dream you can recall, a received narrative from media (novel, film, song etc). Generate random words from the overlapping writing and use the words to make new stories.  [this worked well as a follow-on to Corpse, as we were well warmed-up]
  6. Synesthesia – as an after-dinner sweet, there was more good music from Ailsa and Ted, while the rest of us drew pictures of whatever came into our minds in response to the music. Music and art improvised together.
  7. The Immortal Hour – to wrap up our meal (after 1am), we had more bread and cheese while enjoying a private showing of Ralph Colmar’s The Immortal Hour. [we were surpised to look at our watches and discover how late it was]

For more info on Surrealist games, please click the Surrealist Games tab above.