arts update end of Feb

Quick notes on cool things to check out if possible:

1.  The Studio opening on 27 Feb at 7pm

::the studio:: opens in February with’.i f – i  h a d  a  h i – f i.’ an exhibition of works from local artist ‘this’. multimedia artist ‘this’ aims to capture and explore elements of visual perception; the voyeur is invited to define their own interpretation of the works, giving them a unique glance in to the world of ‘this’.

2. Ralph Colmar’s videos – he has been artist in residence at Aberystwyth Uni for the past three months, and showed his animation The Immortal Hour last Saturday – fantastic! – so check out his other YouTube videos.

3. And of course, Showroom on 26 Feb at the Cwps. No, I’m not performing.  But Showroom is never to be missed!