What I’m listening to now … Bonobo

Bonobo‘s Animal Magic and Dial M for Monkey, often played at the Orangery, is entrancing – Brazilian jungle images, unseen animals playing in cool green leaves overhead while steam floats up from loam on the jungle floor, birds calling back and forth as people dance in the distance. (how I see it, anyway)

Bonobo is headed by Brighton musician, Simon Green. See photos of the band in concert on Flickr. Tracks have been on my last.fm playlist for a while, have a listen. 

Video of Pick Up

Computer animation of cowboys in London…don’t ask!

Video of Flutter

Won music video award.

 Bonobo concert at Club Babylon in Istanbul (Feb 08)

Description= Bonobo’s life perfomance in Turkey |Source=self-made |Date= 02/02/2008 |Location= Club Babylon Istanbul, Turkey |Author=Umut Işık